Italo De Déa

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Artist Statement

Grids of 3 to 18 drawings offer non-chronological narratives informing facts, depicting moods about northern indigenous culture in Brazil, place where I was born. Drawings of Landscapes, urban spaces, and people side by side set the environment for the viewer to create their own understanding of the pieces. The images are cropped out of photos, books, articles, and documentaries I research. All the drawings imagery are specific moments I cropp from imagens I find or take, finding compositions within compositions.. Then the installation comes together by considering the way each drawing related one to another regarding content and range of values. The story presents the complexity of polarized opinions, realities, and feelings that I face myself. 


Italo De Déa was born in 1993 in a small city, in the north of Brazil. In 2013 Italo graduate of Fundação Centro de Análise, Pesquisa e Inovação Tecnológica - FUCAPI in Manaus city as Designer. He is currently studying Art/Studio on MFA candidate at Towson University.